What do you think ‘research’ is?

To me research is basically finding information that I don’t know which over the years I have used variety research methods and types from primary sources which is from the source and secondary sources from someone else. But to me overall research to me is the process of gain knowledge of a topic that you don’t know and improving the knowledge of the topic.

Do you think you will ever need research skills?

Of COURSE as to me I think we research all day especially with any job we have as if we don’t know something we research the answer or instructions for the thing we don’t know. Also because as we are going to be involved with customers after we have finished with this 3 year course we will have to research about our customers businesses and ask them questions which is a type of research method in itself.

 What is plagiarism? Why is it important to avoid it?

To me plagiarism is the use of other peoples information and using it to pass it as your own without the owners permission. This is a big deal especially for us as if anyone did that we can be kicked out we have basically used other peoples information without referencing it to the person.

So basically what I am saying if you are doing a course try to keep it your own work as if you try to use someone else work you will be bound to get caught.



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