Virtual machines

For this post I am going to write my opinion on something I have been using since the start of this year which is virtual machines. So just a heads up this my opinion about them and reflects the problems I have had with them so far.

I am kind of in the middle with virtual machines as I have only started using them this earlier but so far I have had less good experiences with virtual machines so far as when I come to a problem and fix it another always pops up from a virtual client not connecting to the domain because the network doesn’t want to communicate with the client or the actual virtual machine not letting you turn on the machine because the Web client for the software won’t let you and you have to do it through the desktop client which I think is kind of stupid as they aren’t updating it anymore.

The most recent one I had is the virtual machine not letting both client machines communicate with each other and this has been a problem over the last couple of days as it gets fix then I go to use it and it goes downhill to the same problem again.


One thought on “Virtual machines

  1. Good to write about your problems but would also have been good to hear about what the advantages of virtual machines are and why you are encouraged to use them 🙂


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