Action research

What is action research?

From what I have read on the Internet action research is the type of research that basically used to solved an immediate problem or also a reflective process of problem solving.

What kinds of questions/problems might it be useful for?

I think that this type of research is good for more practical questions that come like how I could fix this as it more and practical questions but honestly I don’t know what questions that are good for action research but I think that it good for questions that come at you.

How could it be used in IT research

Will this is my honest opinion I think action research more relates to the network side of IT as a lot of questions come up in that area without warning and sometimes they are hard questions.

What are the strengths of this research method?

From my point of view is think the strength for this research method is that it is hands on approach like working in a team meaning you have a mix of people who have different personalities.


One thought on “Action research

  1. This is a hard one I agree! It is when the researcher works alongside the participants in the research to help them solve a problem or find a better way of doing something.


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