Virtual Machines Part 2

This post is a continuation of my last blog post about virtual machines. So why does virtual machines interest me all of a sudden will since last semester I have always had problems since I started using virtual machines and it has always be an interest since then as I want to try and find solutions to these problems as it will be useful to my tutor and also me at the same time as I learn more about it.

One of these videos is a tutorial on how to use vsphere which just didn’t have time to watch all of it but it is good for first time users who haven’t used it before. This is creditable because of the video actually coming from VMware there selfsame. 

Then there is an article which I think was that good as even though I don’t administrate virtual machine at nmit this article was good even though it was out dated it was a good read with not a lot of tech speak when it came to explain the situation 

This last one was kind of hard to find but it a blog post about the vsphere in general but is not good for me as I am only starting to use it but I can say it good for a research point of view as it giving information in their own view while trying to keep in mind the audience she is talking to.


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