Week 8 blog article 1

Private Virtual Infrastructure for Cloud Computing by F. John Krautheim

Krautheim, F. J. (2009). Private Virtual Infrastructure for Cloud Computing.HotCloud, 9, 2009-1.

I used google scholar for this first academic paper and the keyword I used is virtualization technology and cloud computing.

The type of paper it is, is a journal paper.

The reason it is an academic paper is because it meets these criteria it has a title which is Private Virtual Infrastructure for Cloud Computing as every academic paper must have a title as people will not know what it is then, the author has put their name and email on to the paper which is F. John Krautheim,University of Maryland, Baltimore County, 1000 Hilltop Circle, Baltimore, MD 21250, john.krautheim@umbc.edu.

Then there is the abstract which I personally think that this basically a part of the introduction as it basically saying what the topic is. Then there is the introduction which it is basically going into what cloud computing is and how it’s security is a risk at the moment.

I could go real in-depth for this next part but I am honestly not as it will overload my brain but I can say that it does have a review of other papers relevant to cloud computing, a description of what the research was and what the researchers did and the results of what they did.

The reason I didn’t go too in-depth is that this is my first time writing an academic paper and still getting used to seeing the parts that make an academic paper.

It has a conclusion at the end summarizing what he has done and what the results were of his research so basically summarizing each part and giving their results.

Lastly, there are the references in this one there are 9 references that he makes which in my mind that amount is what it makes it an academic paper.

This academic paper has about 119 citation made which is a lot to me as even though I am still learning this still in my mind is a lot of people who reviewed it.


Right from the start when seeing this article I said to myself I would read that as for me it is difficult to understand some technical speak as because of my condition it affects on how I learn but this one wasn’t hard as he didn’t go to really really in-depth in each part making it easier for me to understand the first couple of lines of what he was talking about so yes I would read this article.


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