Assignment 2 practice (draft)

International Journal of Computer Theory and Engineering, Vol. 4, No. 5, October 2012

This articles abstract has I believe met all the three parts that makes this article an academic paper. First off it talks about what the topic is so for this paper I am using for my practice is talking about cloud computing as in the first couple of paragraph it talks about what cloud computing is and the concerns or security risk it has in terms of for a business.

Then it has what his aim was for the paper so Farzad he said “This paper tries to describe
security problems in the virtualization in cloud-environment aspect of view.”  Which basically he is saying to me that he is trying to explain the security problems which are present in cloud computing or virtualization.

(Last bit later)


What was the research question(s)?

From just looking at the abstract I believe that Farzad’s aim was to basically point out the security flaws in cloud computing and also at the same time he was looking for solutions to these current problems as if he was going to talk about the security flaws he might as well at the same time research about the fixes about this making sure that his audience or readers knew what the fixes were to him from this research.

But he also mentions in the introduction what his aims were with each section meaning that he had certain goals he wanted to meet when writing this up.

What  method(s) did they use to answer the question(s)


I actually believe this credible article this is because of two things that stand out to me and are really strong evidence that it is credible. The first is at the very end of the article it talks about the researcher and his current occupation at the time which it was as lecture at the Azad university in electrical and computing engineering.He also has a degree himself from there at the same university. It also states that he has published passed papers also and is part of committee for IEEE and this is since the year 2006.

The second part is the evidence he has used throughout the article as I was skim reading it I noticed that in some parts he backups his evidence or answers with diagrams which relate and show the answer. He has also referenced these and which again these references are another part of it being credible as there are 14 references he has made which means he has then done his own research into the matter.

Did you agree, or not, with what they wrote in their conclusion? Why?

From the conclusion I can say that I do agree with the conclusion as from what he says virtualization is quick to deploy compared to doing it physically as you have to be in front of only one computer when doing it physically.

But it also because from what I have been told and read myself that virtual machines are cheaper to run as he quotes this “the cloud will be allowed to recover from many hardware/software failures.” Which I agree as you can just snap to a snapshot if anything goes wrong and virtual machines are hard to get into.

Two things I learnt from this paper

One of the two things I learnt from this paper is that there are different types of affects that a attacker can do on the virtual machine as if one gets affected basically all will get affected as they have access to other machines and also sometimes the actual physical machine.

Another is that I actually learnt that virtual machines were also used ages ago as I thought only recently that they were actually started being used by people but they actually had them back then so I learnt that they some parts that they were really concerned about virtual machines back then and that they were really searching about security risk about them.



One thought on “Assignment 2 practice (draft)

  1. Well done Scott this is a good first attempt. You almost included an APA reference! You answer the questions well although you needed to decide what research method he was using and whether it was suitable for the question he was asking. You provide good evidence of credibility but could also have said how many times the paper has been cited by others too. Don’t forget the summary when you do your assignment!


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