Assignment 2

Krautheim, F. J. (2009). Private Virtual Infrastructure for Cloud Computing. HotCloud9, 2009-1. 

Brief summary

The paper I have chosen for the actual assignment is another Cloud Computing paper which is a bit different to my practice as it is more focusing on the private side of the Cloud Computing and how business can benefit moving to Cloud Computing.

But again like from my practice the author F John Krautheim is aiming this paper on pointing out the problems with Cloud Computing and how it would affect businesses if they moved to a virtual network.

It also about pointing out the current security flaws as well as if anyone experiences these they would need to know how to prevent the problem going further or the steps of actually preventing the problem to occur.

The type of research method that the author has used in this paper is 3 different ones which they were Case Study Research, Experimental Research, and Secondary Research. Which because of these research methods the paper is valid as they had to do their own research and which in resulted in the author having to reference 9 different sites in his paper.

But it is also because the paper has been cited to date 116 times which is pretty good for a paper to be cited that many of times.

What is the title and what does the title tell you about the paper?

The title of the paper is Private Virtual Infrastructure for Cloud Computing which from this title it tells me the topic is going to be around the business side of Cloud Computing and how they are going to be affected by the Cloud Computing with their network infrastructure.

It also tells me that it going to probably talk about the security as anything to me with the word Infrastructure is going to have something related to security problems and flaws and how they can be fixed at the same time.

Lastly, it also tells me that the author knows a bit about the topic as Cloud Computing is a hard topic to talk about as it links into the networking and virtualization and sometimes these subjects are hard to talk about together.

Who is the paper written by and do they seem credible to you?

This paper is written by F.J Krautheim and which I do think this author is credible for numerous reason, the first being a number of references there is in the paper as when he references a part in this paper he is actually giving credit where credit is due. It also because it’s showing that he has done his research on the matter and is referencing the resources he has used.

The second thing that makes this a credible paper is the number of citations the paper has, which is about 116 citations to date. The reason this makes it credible is because citations are basically the amount of people who have read the paper and have approved it as being correct.

Lastly is because of the author’s paper is been written by the support of a USA government agency. The Department of Defense Information Assurance Scholarship Program which helped by giving him the money and help that he needed to publish this paper. It also because he had help from 2 people which were Dhananjay Phatak who is a lecturer at the Universty of Maryland teaching computer science and electric engineering and the second person being Alan T. Sherman who also teaches at Universty of Maryland being the professor of computer science and electric engineering.

Does it have a helpful abstract?

Yes it is a helpful abstract as it’s talking about the aim of the paper and why they are writing this paper which for F J Krautheim he is talking about “significant level of risk on the privacy and security of the data”  which again gives the reader the intention that this paper is going to talk about the security flaw’s and how they think they should be fixed.

But it also shows that they ever had experience with Cloud Computing as they are using real complicated software to get these results or they basically researched about this software as it sounds really complicate to use.

Lastly from what is said in the abstract is they propose that the workload should be basically split between the cloud companies and their clients as they believe that it will put the risk down if this happens and minimize the exposure to these risk.

What did the author(s) do in their research,  what research approach and what method(s) did they use?

The research method that is being used here is mainly the action research approach which is basically focusing on the real world question which how we can improve the security of Cloud Computing is a real life question and is a subject that keeps changing over the years but the same question is always there. I also think another research method is being used in this research and this is the experimental research approach this is because while reading this I can see how he is answering questions and trying to link back to them it gives the feel of a cause and effect feel to it.

This is backed by what they are actually doing in their research as their answers are going back to relate back to the question that is shown in the abstract as in section 3.2 we can see that he is listing his views so maybe this can be a sign that he is also being a little bias to the topic but not enough to turn me away from reading the paper.

Do you think the method(s) they used was appropriate to the question they were asking?

I think that one of the methods suit more to answer the question than the other as the question to me was more of a cause and effect related question than anything.

The reason I think this is when reading the question and the answers it is basically giving a looks on more of a cause and effect view, but at the same time also giving a little bit of the action research method side as it is actually a real question that is being answered here.

So I agree that the experimental research method is more suit to be the major research method here as it is talking more about how security flaws are a common factor in Cloud Computing and how the effects are causing problems in the business industry for the customers of these types of businesses.

What results does the paper report?

From the conclusion of this paper results, it is basically giving their view of how the Cloud Computing needs to review how the security settings need to give more user control over the settings so the user can see more into how the security works.

Was the paper worth reading?

To me, this paper was worth reading this is because although this is my second time reading an academic paper I actually quite enjoyed reading this paper as I learned skills that will come handy in the future.

I also learned a bit more on Cloud Computing and what to expect next year when it comes to writing notes about Cloud Computing and also even people like tutors have to learn more about Cloud Computing.

It also that even the private businesses have security flaws when it comes to cloud computing.

Do you believe the results/findings or the paper?

Yes I agree with the paper this is because from his research I can say that I can totally agree with what he is saying about Cloud Security as there are many flaws with the settings for the Cloud and at the same time these flaws are just normal security as all networking programs and software have.

I also kind of don’t believe that the Cloud computing companies should open these security settings as it means that it’s actually opening there system to customers that might actually try to hack the system so I personally think that he should of suggest something more that updates these security flaws as that will mean that they get fixed without opening the systems to more threats.

What did you learn from reading the paper?

From reading this paper I have learn 2 things one is actually knowing what each part represents as before  I started this assignment I didn’t even know what an academic paper was or how to read one so I want personally want to thank Clare for teaching me how to read an academic paper. But also I learn that even people who are experts in a certain area like this author who was a lecturer had to do research himself.

The last thing I learnt a little about Cloud Computing before even starting the paper next year and it kind of interesting that it’s similar to your normal network just virtual and isn’t physical machines.

It also the author answers his question with only a little bit of bias from him as I noticed that he references one of his own papers which people can see a bit bias as he is using work from one of the recent papers.





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