Areas of interest RES701

Description of area of IT that interests you

I have enormous areas that I like from networking to system analysis but the most interesting one that I want to learn more about is Cloud computing. Which is basically focusing on the virtualization side of networking meaning that the machines aren’t physically real.

Why is it interesting to you

Will the reason I am interested in cloud computing is because ever since the start of this year in NET601 and NET602 we are using a program called Vsphere for us to do our assignments on and from playing with the Vsphere creating virtual machines I started wondering on how it actually works and why people are using.  

Three things you know about it

To be honest I only actually know 2 things about cloud computing the first is that the machines that are made are actually in a cluster which can have lots of virtual machines on it.

A second is that when the machines are created they don’t actually have physical CPU, hard drives and RAM on them as they are allocated and on the host cluster.

Three things you believe about it

Will I can actually write just one paragraph about what I believe about Cloud computing, I believe that at first it is hard to use as from what my NET tutor has had to go through with the class one there are a lot of problems involved, the second is that it is much easier to set up than a normal network as you can have multiple consoles open at the same time when doing the installation process and the last one is that Cloud computing has changed a lot since it first came along but still has the same meaning to it.

Three things you don’t know about it

I haven’t actually worked with all the functions yet as we are only restricted to managing our own VM’s which I really want to try these functions without having the restrictions.

I don’t know how it feels to manage a big system like that as it must be hard running into problems all the time with having only limited knowledge and functions so I want to learn more about the problem-solving side of it.

Would you rather Do something, Research something or do both?

I would rather do both as I am more hands on but at the same time I like my research as with my hands on I usually come into problems that I don’t know how to fix so I go and research the solution to it. An ever since I have been little I have been a more hands on person as it keeps me moving and I find it easier to concentrate if I am physically shown how to do something.



So the reason I answered these questions the way I did is for multiple reasons the first is ever since before I started this course I always had an interest in computers mainly the networking side and ever since I grown up I have had more interest as this has happened.

The second is that networking is what I want to major in which I planned to do even the year before I came here which shows I had a great interest in it.

Lastly, it also because since the start of this year I have had interesting experience with cloud computing with the problems I have had and which I really want to learn more because of this.




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