Cloud security

The topic I have chosen for my proposal is Cloud Computing but more around the security side of it.

Cloud computing is basically the use of virtual machines on the internet which are stored on an offsite server which is better than a local network as they can be accessed at any time from home or work depending on your access needs.

But my proposal is going to focus on the security side of cloud computing this is because the security side of a VM on the cloud can be a bit of a concern to businesses as they are worried that people will access the data on the actual server that it’s being hosted on as they will have access to the server. SO cloud security basically focuses on these concerns and tries to find ways of making sure that the data is not lost or accessed by people who get into the network.

Krautheim, F. J. (2009). Private Virtual Infrastructure for Cloud Computing. HotCloud9, 2009-1. 

Which this is the paper that inspired me into looking more into Cloud Computing.


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